Up front planning is a key element for successful results. With the use of our website planner work sheet, we are providing you with an excellent opportunity to plan out your website. This step will give you a chance to put your goals into perspective, and give us a basic understanding of what you wish to accomplish. Once the correct payment plan is agreed upon, the next step is the development.


After we agree to a fixed price, and a contract & non-disclosure agreement (if necessary) is signed we proceed with the design. Together we outline various concepts of your site, and define user interface and navigational components. We provide a test area on our server where documentation is kept and you can see your sites progression as well as give us feedback. We whole-heartedly encourage your input so that a site that meets your needs is delivered.

Site Launch

We install your site on the server, along with databases and programming software. Testing is done to insure proper functionality and audience effect. Once your approval is met we help you obtain an online presence. We then maintain the site for you when updating is needed.

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